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Lines drawn across successively higher bottoms in uptrending price action or progressively lower tops in downtrending price action. Prices crossing a trendline may indicate a change in direction has occurred.

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Further diversification can be achieved by then selecting low- or non-correlated securities within each asset class. For example, an investor wishing to diversify her US stock investments might select a technology ETF and a health care ETF, since the two sectors only have a correlation of about + over the last two years, meaning they moved together around 65% of the time. So while they re both stock ETFs, there is some diversification gained from pairing the two.

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67. Rafael De Santiago Derivatives Markets with Stochastic Volatility: Interest-Rate Derivatives and Value-at-Risk. ISBN 8689575796 7558 r. - 685 c.

A term used to describe a technical opinion of a market has declined too steeply and too fast in relation to underlying fundamental factors.

The simultaneous purchase and sale of two futures contracts in the same or related commodities with the intention of profiting from a decline in prices but at the same time limiting the potential loss if this expectation does not materialize. In agricultural products, this is accomplished by selling a nearby delivery and buying a deferred delivery.

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